Geomembrane liners are ideal for containment applications and offer impermeable protection for a variety of applications. Available in any shape or size, geomembranes come in roll stock or fabricated panels. With the wide variety of material options available, we are able to match your requirements to the right product. 

Allow Great Lakes Lining to look at the scope of your project to determine the required physical properties, life span, and specific containment characteristics. Doing so will ensure we provide you with the best product for your project. If you are lining landfills, water ponds, wastewater ponds, tailing ponds, gas & oil, or have other secondary containment needs, please let us know how we can help.

Available Geomembrane Products


LLDPE 20mil - 60 mil

HDPE 20 mil - 80 mil

PVC 20 mil - 60 mil

RPE 8mil - 45mil

EPDM 30mil - 45mil