About Great Lakes Lining

GLL is a full service geosynthetic supplier. We have the ability to deliver a variety of products directly to your job-site or warehouse. Quality is always in the forefront of our mind. We will ensure your needs are met based on the application, life span and intended use of our material. Our flexibility allows us to act fast offering quick delivery, fair prices and always putting our customers’ needs first.

Jimmie Eloff started GLL with the sole purpose in mind of providing excellent service and always putting the customer first. Jimmie started in the geosynthetic business right after graduate school. “There have been a number of times when people ask me how I got into this business. The answer is pretty easy– someone offered me a job and gave me a paycheck.”

Jimmie’s first job in the industry was with a geomembrane fabricator and installer based out of Chicago that specialized in fuel containment and had contracts with all four branches of the military. He then took a position with a large manufacturer managing two North American markets specializing in blown film and reinforced polyethylene. This gave Jimmie a different perspective on understanding a variety of specialty materials, while understanding the market from a different perspective. Jimmie then wanted to move back home to Chicago and took a position as North American sales manager for a company that specialized in woven coated polyethylene. After a tremendous amount of growth and following an acquisition, he decided it was time to take what he learned up and down the supply chain in the goesynthetics industry to venture out and start Great Lakes Lining. “This has been a dream of mine. I have worked for some very good companies in the past and value the experiences I’ve gained over that time. Our business is built on relationships. Our pledge to our customers is simple, we will always strive to do the right thing.”

At Great Lakes Lining we have 3 core principles revolving around our pillar; our customers come first. Many organizations believe they “design products that sell themselves” or put marketing, research and development or some other internal self-serving function above their customers. Our beliefs are listed below and remain unchanged.

Service: Customer service is never underestimated in our organization. GLL believes your success is our success.

Quality: GLL believes quality refers to more than just a product; it’s how we conduct business.

Expertise: With our experience across multiple industries we can ensure we deliver the right solution to any challenge you face.