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When it comes to determining the best solution for your project and jobsite, we look at the application, life span, and intended use. Each of our products offer unique specifications that can be applied to an array of job sites and projects. 

Great Lakes Lining is a leader in providing geomembranes, geotextiles, cover systems, and specialty geosynthetics across the world. If you are in need of a quality product to protect our environment, call our office today! You can trust you will get exactly what your project needs,  delivered directly to your job site. 

Geotextiles: Geotextiles are produced from chemically-resistant synthetic fibers into a flexible, porous fabric. To prevent biodegrading, geotextiles are knitted or matted together by heat-sealing or needle punching. Historically, these products have been used in roadway construction, but because the physical properties can vary dramatically, we can generate a solution for civil applications as well. 

Great Lakes Lining provides geotextile that can help control erosion, increase slope stability, provide venting for gas collection, and offer other important functions on any jobsite. Our team is available to assess your project and identify the proper product to meet your needs.