We provide the supplies you need to protect the environment. Delivered directly to your job site.

Great Lakes Lining is the leading provider of geosynthetics to construction projects and job sites around the world. We take pride in providing the best materials available for your project to protect the environment. You can be confident when working with us that the supplies you need will be delivered directly to your job site on time, every time.

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Quality is always in the forefront and we will ensure your needs are met based on the application, life span, and intended use of the material. 

We strive to remain as flexible as possible when it comes to your projects. This allows us to act fast offering quick delivery, fair prices, and always putting our customers’ needs first. Let us be your full service geosynthetic supplier and deliver a variety of products directly to your job-site or warehouse. 

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Having owned and operated my business for almost three decades, I have dealt with a lot of salesmen. To find the combination of honesty, attentiveness and product knowledge is very difficult… Jimmie was never pushy and it was an amazing experience overall. My mini lake is filling up fast and I couldn’t be happier!

Randal Clarke

Owner, Clarke's Koi Pond