Hydra-Channel Baffle Curtains

Published on 12/10/2020 by Jimmie Eloff

Great Lakes Lining’s Hydra-Channel Baffle Curtains are industry-leading flow diversion curtains used to increase the hydraulic retention time in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) around the world. By creating the optimal flow pattern in the lagoons Hydra-Channel Baffle Curtains can substantially increase the effective treatment area.

Hydra-Channel Baffle Curtains are a cost-effective upgrade to any lagoon or treatment pond. Curtains are an inexpensive way to maximize your treatment area while saving money on additional land, equipment, or other components needed for an effective treatment area. With little to no upkeep required, you can rest assure your curtain will provide the highest level of performance for decades. Each Hydra-Channel Baffle Curtain is custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. You will receive drawings, cut sheets, and installation documents with each curtain.

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